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Barracuda Stun Gun Start Up Guide

This start up guide for Barracuda model BC-37, when used in conjunction with the user manual, will help you get your stun gun ready for use.

Once you have opened the box, you should have four items:  

1.  Stun Gun

2.  Stun Gun Holster

3.  Safety/Disable Pin

4.  Manual

   If you are missing any one of the four items, contact us before proceeding.

To charge the stun gun, simple press down and push the charging prongs out of the stun gun.


Plug the stun gun into an outlet for at least 12 hours but no more than 16 hours.  You will notice the red charging light will be lit up when plugged in.  After this initial charge, you will only need to charge the stun gun for 1 hour every month to ensure that your stun gun is fully charged.

Once the stun gun is fully charged, insert the safety/disable pin into the pin hole located at the bottom of the stun gun.  The stun gun will not work unless the safety/disable pin is in.  Make sure that it is pushed all the way in.

In order to help make the safety/disable pin effective, wear the wrist loop.

There are two positions for the safety on/off switch:

1.  Off (down) – Stun gun not activated

2.  On (up) – Stun gun activated

In the on position of the safety on/off switch, you will notice that the red led light above the switch will be lit up, letting you know that the stun gun is powered on.  It is only in this position that the stun gun will be active.

To activate the stun gun, simple press down on the trigger button when the safety on/off switch is in the on,(up) position. The stun gun will not work unless the safety/disable pin has been inserted.  Never test fire the stun gun for more than one second.  Doing so can damage the stun gun and void the warranty.