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We are proud to announce the addition of two new models into the Barracuda stun gun family! First is the Piranha, which is a 3 CR2 replaceable battery operated stun gun that is the smallest stun gun we’ve ever sold and the first set is on us! The second is the Stingray, which, by overwhelming demand, is our first to feature a 6 LED emergency light strip. An important feature to the Stingray is that you can use the light and stun gun feature at the same time! We are also now calling the BC-37 the BC-37 Shark in honor of these two new stun guns!

Once an attacker is within arm’s length from you, your options for self-defense are very limited. Stun guns are made for encounters that occur within arm’s reach. Stun guns are designed to startle and repel an attacker by inflicting temporary and non-lethal pain, giving you that extra chance to break away and get away. If you are shopping for a stun gun then look no further than Barracuda brand stun guns. Since 2007, we have put quality and safety first into what we believe is the best overall value on the market today.

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 Barracuda Model BC-37 (Shark) Rechargeable Stun Gun with 2 safety pins included
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