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Since 2007, Barracuda brand stun guns have blended outstanding quality, affordable pricing and helpful customer service into what we believe is the best overall value on the market today.  We are happy to announce that we are now offering our products directly to the public along with some other great self-defense items that you should also consider carrying for your personal protection.  

Featured Products

Barracuda Model BC-37 Stun Gun
In Stock. Free Shipping.
CEN-TAC Kubo-Pen Black Tactical Pen Kubaton Style with Glass Breaker
In Stock. Free Shipping.
FOX LABS 2 Ounce 2% Flip Top Medium Cone Pattern Pepper Spray
In Stock. Free Shipping.
MACE Brand Pepper Gel Magnum 3
In Stock. Free Shipping.
Stinger Self-Defense and Survival Kit
In Stock. Free Shipping.